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Being a Mother is a blessing, and having a menstrual cycle is a blessing. It's our secret superpower.
Your body wants to heal, and knows how, if only we give it the right nourishment, and attention.
Feel at home in your body all cycle long, so you can be a model of womanhood to your children
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I'm Monique Dickson

Menstrual Cycle Coach and Hormone Practitioner

I've been a burned-out Mama to two under two, I thought I was broken because I couldn't keep up with all the other Mums. I now know it wasn't me who was broken, I just didn't understand my hormones.

After realising that I wasn't actually broken because I wasn't able to do.all.the.things that we modern mothers expect of ourselves, It changed my life, my marriage, my approach to motherhood and how I accept and treat my body. I then trained with menstruality leaders, health coaches and hormone experts so you can understand your cycle, balance your hormones and trust your cycle.

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Now, I want to help you finally understand what your beautiful body wants, needs and desires - all cycle long.

Healing your hormones begins with replenishing your body - after pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, poor quality sleep, toddler leftovers for dinner and coffee to get through. I know the toll of motherhood - I've got 4 young ones, in 5 years.

To date I've been breastfeeding and/or pregnant for 7 1/2 years. That is a big toll on one woman, I know that, and so I give my body more nourishment that she needs, so I can be the mother I want to be. This was no accident - It's taken years to discover how to replenish and nourish my body. But now that I've got the secret sauce - I'm going to share it with all the Mothers who are ready. 

I'm not going to preach what some experts say - cue daily green smoothies, meditate upon waking and 30min exercise a day. I know what it means to be a mother, and I know how stretched we already are. What I work with my women on is sustainable long term change, that fits around family life and feels so right.


I want to support you to balance your hormones and accept yourself all cycle long.

There is so much power in understanding ourselves, it helps us ask for what we actually need, and set boundaries in place that feel right - without all the guilt. Our menstrual cycle is our superpower as Mothers, when we understand it and work with it, we become in alignment with our body. You then give permission for your daughter to listen to her body too.


Cycle on average in our lifetime

Av, number of days we bleed a yr



The optimum mls of blood lost/bleed

The length of a healthy cycle


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